The Future is Pre-Owned

In NetAWear you will find the most Exclusive garments and accessories
from the best wardrobes.
The best selection of Pre-Owned items and articles
exclusively focused on lovers of vintage and
of the most special pieces.

Here you will find everything you have always dreamed of:
Your search for "treasures" is now possible 
with a single click, no need to travel anymore. A place to find inspiration
and reinvent your wardrobe.

If you are someone who loves to look for special pieces,
limited editions and garments with history ... you're at
the right place. Start buying and selling in the
easiest and fastest way.

Welcome to NetAWear, we were waiting for you!

Why buy?

  • 1.

    Best Product Selection

    In NetAWear you will find the best
    selection of garments and luxury articles 
    from the most exclusive wardrobes.
    Fall in love with our
    selection of products and add
    style and inspiration to all your outfits.

  • 3.

    Affordable Luxury

    Browse our website to
    discover the items you want
    with important discounts
    up to 75%. NetAWear is the smartest
    and coolest way to renovate your wardrobe!

  • 5.


    Do you want us to notify you
    when a product of
    your interest gets discounted?
    Select the option "Follow
    price changes" and
    we will keep you informed
    at all times.

  • 6.

    We give you
    the option
    to change your

    If you buy a product and you change
    your opinion, no problem, you have
    a week to put it back on
    sale again on our platform.
    This way, during
    seven days after the purchase you can
    publish it on the web with bonus.

  • 8.

    Wishlist, your list
    of wishes

    Create your wishlist with your
    favorite clothes and accessories,
    a list of those pieces
    that you are passionate about.
    You can share it with whoever you
    want and will help those
    who are looking to make you
    a gift for that special
    occasion, assisting
    them in their search.

  • 10.

    Share with your

    You can share with your
    friends your favorite clothes or
    outfits via mail or social
    media. Help them be inspired
    or send them articles that are
    of interest to you.

  • 2.

    Quality Assurance
    y authentication.
    100% authentic

    Sale: In NetAWear we verify that all articles advertised on our website meet all our quality standards. We take care that every item published comes from the leading luxury brands.

    Purchase: Once the product has been sold, our experts in quality and authentication review the article in our facilities, making sure that all the information provided is true. Your purchase will always be made with satisfaction and quality as our top priorities.

  • 4.

    Make a 

    If the price of the item does not fit with
    your desired price, do not worry. Make
    an offer to the seller and you will
    be notified if he accepts it or not. You will see that 
    sometimes dreams come
    true! But you have to take into account
    that if someone buys it at the initial price
    before you reach an agreement with the
    seller ... it will be taken out of your hands!

  • 7.

    above all

    We put at your disposal
    a range of options for
    You can do it via
    PayPal, Stripe and even through
    wire transfer...

  • 9.

    To die for

    At NetAWear we work with stylists and
    fashion experts who are responsible for
    making sure that everything published 
    on our website is the latest 
    in fashion. This section will be at your service,
    and you'll be able to find our selected
    favorite products, always in VOGUE.

  • 11.

    Send us your
    best outfits

    We will be delighted if you
    send us photos with your
    new acquisitions and your
    stylish looks so we may
    publish them on our social
    media. You can write us at

How to sell

Sign up in NetAWear.
Create a new account
to start selling.

Take a photograph of the garment, describe it and publish your ad. Make sure the quality of the photographs is good enough and make a detailed description of what you want to sell.


Fill out the form in the sell section, the more information you provide, the faster the activation of the article will be. Once accepted, we will publish it in NetAWear.


Once your item has been sold, pack it correctly and we will pick it up at no cost.


Verification and shipment. Before delivering it to another Nawer, an exhaustive quality control will be done to verify that everything is in optimal conditions.


You will receive your payment.


  • 1.

    Uploading an item
    to our platform
    is easy and quick

    Take the photos, upload them to your NetAWear profile,
    write a description of your product
    and tell us at what price you want to
    sell it for. If you have doubts about what
    price is the most convenient, our
    team of stylists can guide you by
    writing an email to

  • 3.

    Free shipment and
    no additional shipping costs

    Once sold, you just have to 
    prepare your item and
    we will collect it within a period of
    24-48 hours.

  • 5.


    A few days after
    the buyer has received the item,
    the payment will be made into your

  • 2.


    NetAWear is a community
    where lots of second-hand
    luxury items are 
    bought and sold everyday.
    Start uploading
    yours and another fashionista
    like you will be eager to
    buy them.

  • 4.

    and reliability

    Our platform integrates
    the most secure payment methods.
    Once your item has been sold,
    we will send you your money via PayPal or
    we will make you a bank transfer.

  • 6.

    reduce the price
    of your items.

    If after a while your
    product did not have the expected
    success, you can
    always apply a rebate to the
    initial price. You will receive
    a notification and you can
    ask our advisors
    if you have any question.

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