Mao Ze Dongs Will

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  • Product description:

    Li Qiang

    The artist Li Qiang (Beijing, China, 1960) explains his own work: “During the process of creation, I write the will once, twice, ten times, even hundreds times, a repetition that sometimes encounter illusions and imagination. I'm so close to the testator that I can feel her breathing, the beating of your heart, and see his movements. I can imagine the scene when one is writing the last words, his minute changes in facial expressions, their life experiences, their secrets and their personal character.

    My work involves a special form and interesting to feel and understand others and their times. Only after a long time of repetition, raises special dialog box, as if it were a communication with the souls, experiencing the life of another person, that is a reflection of mine.

    Over a long period of writing, the heart is empty, the thought is paralyzing, I get to an end point in time and life. Slowly, both the body and soul are reunited states at the surface of the painting. From the beginning, I write wills, existing, interpret and analyse the relevant information from the interviews and reports based on the events that occur in reality. The works have become my way of seeing, thinking and expressing the reality, as a roaming free between the writing and the painting.”

  • Condition:

    Very good condition
  • Dimensions: 150 x 250 cm Mixed technique on fabric / synthetic Material
  • Cover: No
  • Box: No
  • Certificate: Yes

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