Visible Calm I (2/5), 2013

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  • Product description:

    Stephan Ach

    Born into a family of theatre actors, Stephan Ach (Munich, 1958) absorbs the vibrations of the world of art since its beginnings, experiencing the fantasy, adrenaline and eccentricity of the stage.

    In his years of artistic training, their predisposition for the lens over the brush makes him discover his vocation: photography as a medium of artistic expression. When he graduated from the School of Art and Photography in Munich (1982), had assembled an extensive portfolio that led him to get involved in the world of fashion, working between New York, Paris, Munich, Barcelona or Miami.

    In the year 2000, decides to explore the cinematic world and enters the New York Film Academy, as an adjunct to a long career that has taken him not only to travel the world of fashion, but also to share through art, his vision of what he calls “the magic behind the life”.

    Stephan Ach explores the world in search of the unknown, that which exists behind the visual reality. His photographs capture fleeting moments that reflect a unique experience. His work reflects aspects such as flexibility, softness, warmth, expressiveness, and the incredible landscapes of Latin america, where it extracts most of its most recent series.

  • Condition:

    Very good condition
  • Dimensions: 180 x 250 cm C-print
  • Cover: No
  • Box: No
  • Certificate: Yes

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