Luxury accessories

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  • Wallets

    Wallets are a basic accessory to our bag. The details makes the difference and, therefore, can not miss this chic accessory in our outfit. Set the trend by adding to your looks the riskier and trendier wallets.

  • Belts

    Belts add the touch of glamour and personality to your look you are looking for. Save the small details and turn a basic into a special outfit by combining it with these accessories.

  • Glasses

    Sunglasses can protect you and give that chic touch to your looks at the same time. Combine different styles with your outfits and fill your sunny days with glamour. Are an essential that cannot be missed in any luxury wardrobe.

  • Gloves

    Gloves are a chic accessory that you can combine with any look. They are a classic that endures in time and do not go out of fashion. We can see them in their different versions and styles, but will always be a wise move to add that touch of glamour that you're looking for.

  • Scarves

    Scarves are the accessory of the stars and can be combined in different ways. We can find them tied to the bag, in the wrist, in the hair or in many more versions. It is an accessory that will add that touch of chic and glamour to all of our new outfits.

  • Watches

    Watches are the timeless accessories par excellence that cannot miss in our day-to-day. Is snap-chic that adds glamour in a discreet and simple way. These items cannot be missed in our jewel case.

  • Hats

    Hats are the ideal complement to create looks for the most daring. Bring glamour and, in turn, that street-style touch that is so trendy. Mix and match all kinds of clothes and make outfits become unique.

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